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Stella Gonis CHELLAH Martinique World music

She is a singer, a dancer, and a tanbouyé …, of Martinique traditional music, known as Du Bèlè. Stella grew up listening to the ancestral rhythms of her Samaritan countryside, Mornes des Esses. Yet her career began with Le Morne des Esses Choir, then soloist, singing lyrical and classical repertoires. In her ongoing search for perfection, Stella will enroll as a full-time student at the Institute for Training in Performing Arts. There she wil stay for five years taking on Valérie Louri, Vaïty, Vwa Bel Danm and others who before her had followed the same training. At l’Institut de Formation aux Arts du spectacle, she will be confronted with artistic crosscutting: music, Dance, theater. Having acquired such a high level of artistic training, she will start a professional career.

Endowed with a rich and powerful voice she will be solicited by the Vwa Bel Danm band with which she will travel the Caribbean islands and France. She will also be seen with Le Béloka, Tambou Bô Kannal, Ballet Pomme Kannel, Racinn Nwel and Éric Virgal. In parallel to her professional life, she teaches music and traditional dances at the Maison du Bèlè in Martinique.

Stella Gonis: voice, tambour bèlè.

Ivy Jalta : choirs.

Jade Vinceslas: choirs, guitare.

Casimir Jean-Baptiste: tambour bèlè.

Jimmy Thomasi: percussions.

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