Message from the President

Each year, the opening of Mawazine Festival, Rhythms of the World, kicks-off nine days of high-quality artistic performances, intended to showcase the Moroccan musical scene, as well as to reflect world cultures. This Seventeenth Edition is no exception to the rule. And it is my immense pleasure to invite you to this grand event.

Placed under the High Patronage of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI, May God assist Him, Mawazine has become an essential component of the national cultural landscape. Over the years, its audience has expanded so much that it has transcended boarders and turned the festival into an event both recognized and sought by artists from around the world. Not only does the Festival promote the image of Rabat, the capital of Morocco, but it also provides a splendid illustration of the cultural and artistic dynamics of our country.

Today, more than ever before, culture represents a vector of hope, as well as an amazing space for freedom and mutual appreciation. Over the last sixteen editions, the diversity of artists brought together by Mawazine has made it possible for us to open up to other forms of expression – some of which we can relate to and others that are completely novel. Music miraculously succeeds in connecting us to one another and allowing us to share emotional moments. For youth, music is an opportunity through which they grow and build themselves collectively, thus obviating many other factors that may well divide them.

Culture is here to help us grow, all together. This belief is shared by all our teams at Maroc Cultures who are committed to design a festival whose values are aimed at young people around the world. Our success is clearly apparent in the loyalty of our fan-base, and the growing interest among international media and within social networks. But nothing compares to perceiving the joy on the faces of our audience along the years!

We also owe a great deal of our success to the continuous efforts made by all our stakeholders, beginning with the local authorities who spare no efforts in allowing Mawazine to take place in a safe and secure environment, and just as importantly, our sponsors, partners, clients and volunteers who have all shown unwavering enthusiasm for the Festival, year in and year out. Kindly allow me to thank them all and to extend my salute to the local businesses who work alongside us to make Mawazine a true success. Together, we are striving to build a national show and entertainment industry, which would create significant added-value for tourism and strengthen the economic fabric within the Region.

I look forward to seeing you all from june 22nd to 30th 2018 in Rabat, for a brand-new edition of Mawazine Festival, Rhythms of the World. Let the party begin !


Abdeslam Ahizoune
President of Mawazine Festival, Rhythms of the World
President of Maroc Cultures


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